There comes a time when everything is everything and that everything becomes quiet ‘yawnsome’. Turn off the lights, pass a blanket and a snuggie and line the sheep up. As such, it was time for a little change. I had to say, “So long!” to the yearning for a ‘long hair don’t care’ moment. That shit wasn’t what it was cracked up to be — for me at least.  Out the door it went. Good bye (for now!)

The hair is short. The hair is sleek. The hair is fierce. The hair is so me. Now, I am great(er). (Speaking things into existence over here.) Now it’s time to tackle a few things like more illustration and art and somehow squeeze being fearless into the mix and not be afraid to try new things. Change is always the scariest. No?


Ever had a hair moment so great that you felt that you entire life was forever changed? 


Inspired By Jimmy Choo


Ok peeps. It’s Friday and the weekend of Labor Day. The feeling of festivity looms. As we get ready for the long weekend, I just wanted to share with you my very first digital fashion illustration inspired by Jimmy Choo‘s Anouk pump. I mean, it’s simply a classic kinda shoe, no?

It’s been yearsssssss since I drew anything really. I was a bit iffy about it but did it anyway. Still more to improve on if I want to add illustrator to my portfolio but practice makes perfect (or as close to it as possible). The following were my very hesitant steps.





shoeism_firstrealillustrationIt didn’t suck as much as I thought it would. Just goes to show that persistence is key. Are you trying anything that’s new and scary? Would love to know more about it.

Of Riding The Waves.


We are in a constant state of change — choosing to either go with the flow or battle it. Currently, I’m riding the wave of change ’cause I’m a RIDER!!!  
Giselleism #1

Accepting change sometimes can be an epic battle of emotions. More and more I’ve been writing and learning about lettering, typography, and the business of working with brands. It’s been fun and intriguing. Even bought some stuff to dabble in a little painting of some sort. Once again…riding that wave.

At the encouragement of my cousin Kirk, I bought a Wacom Bamboo tablet and got to figuring things out. One of my first real, “Eeek!” moments came when I did some hand lettering over an image belonging to Claire Sulmers, the Editor in Chic of my one of my daily blog reads, Fashion Bomb Daily. The breathtaking image, taken while she was on assignment in Ibiza, read all types of ‘bucket list realness’. The sandals, the water, the texture in the wood, the everything, was, well EVERYTHING!!! It would make such a beautiful postcard. Thus, the “xx Claire” came into being. My heart skipped, skipped, skipped a beat when Claire posted my work on her personal Tumblr, XOXO Claire. As I said before, “Eeeeeekkkkkk!!!!” It’s a small gesture and I humbly appreciate it. I can’t wait until we work together. (Oh yes, I speak in the affirmative because I’ve claimed it. Snaps in Z formation. Boom!!!) In the meantime, I’ve posted a few things I’ve worked during my blogging absence.


Gigi + Nini Designs logo (that I’ve reworked over and over till I came up with this)


Identity logo design for fly girl Fly Ky, editor of the chic travel and experience blog (you will feel that way once you head over there) Geek Treks. Totally amazing!!!



Gigi + Nini Designs branding.


Custom signature.


A few minutes doodling lead to this. Nothing too much but it was a chance to practice on my new Bamboo tablet.

I have come to the realization that not every talent is held with passion and that’s okay. You can refresh your memory with my internal battle of the talents via one of my recent posts. I really do hope that you all will stick with me as I see where this all takes me. At the end of it all, I just want to be a GREAT example to my daughter and hopefully inspire some along the way. Today, and tomorrow, I’ll keep pushing! I hope you will too!

*Shouts to my friend Nelsia for the “isms.” I did it for Oprah now I’m doing it for moi. Thank ya!!!

Gyal Series.


I’m that kinda girl that does that mini twerk action when my song comes on. Can you identify? So last night, while bored, I decided to do what I do best. Write. Needless to say, one of my songs was pumping and this is what came about. You know how it goes ladies. Sometimes you gotta switch it up a bit. At times you gotta be that ‘#badgyal or that #smartgyal, or even that #winergyal. But at the end of the day, with all the different aspects of my personality, I’m still TRINI. I call it the “Gyal Series.”

So, what type of ‘gyal’ are you? Sound off in the comments section.


MK_summerstunnersWhol Up My Yute (said in my best Jamaican accent)!!! *Sounds horn like we in a dancehall –Brap, brap, Brap!!!

I spotted this Michael Kors Summer Stunner at Macys Herald Square the other day and seriously had to stare at it for a while. The buttery leather. The gold and sparkle. The everything sandal that will go with practically anything. Love it! What say you?



Recently, I came across this very inspirational documentary featuring designer Tom Ford who said something so poignant that it will forever remain with me. “Perfectionism is almost an illness!” I reckon I’ve been almost ill for quite some time. It truly goes way, way…way, back. I remember, while attending primary school if my notes weren’t perfect when it came to my handwriting, I would hone in on the imperfections of certain letters and cringe. From then on, that notebook was simply dead to me. Flatlined. Heaven. RIP Thank goodness for parents who understood that needing a new notebook every couple of  months was an absolute necessity. After all, I was supposed to be ‘a brains’ as we would say in Trini #smartGyal #watchMeh.

Handwriting and hand lettering to this day remain one of my all time joys. I could sit with some paper and twist and twirl a pen like #GoneWithTheWindFabulous for hours at a time and it never gets boring. It’s one of the gifts. I have a thing for styling — people and spaces. Taking a before and transforming it to a real cool after. It’s another gift. Ideas for fashionable statement pieces swirl around in my mind — sometimes to much to even remember. Gift #3. Now the thing about all these beautiful gifts and perfectionism is that I want to be perfect at ALL at the same time. At one point I thought I had to choose just one gift and just focus on it and somehow abandon the rest. It’s something that I’ve truly battled with and hoped to eventually come to the right decision. The thing is, I can’t decide.

I’m not sure if I was meant to.

Battling self doubt and the fear of not being perfect paralyses me to no end. I’m slowly coming to the realization that it doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ for it to be great in someone else’s eyes. All I can do for now is just do my best and just put it out there. Play, discover, and learn what works for me and what doesn’t. The over thinking thing is a beyotch and a half and it must be put to rest. So from now on, I refuse to put so much pressure on myself and simply BE and BECOME who I was meant to be. All gifts on deck!!!

PS. For those who still frequent around these here parts, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I LURVE ya’ll!!!